Pre-Licensing or License Renewal Course​

Our high-quality courses are designed to be engaging, interactive, and thorough, putting you in the best position to become a successful automobile dealer in Texas. You won’t find this level of experience or expertise anywhere else.

Pre-Licensing Education (English) $149

The Pre-Licensing course is approved by TxDMV to satisfy all training requirements for completing your application to obtain an independent dealer license or General Distinguishing Number (GDN).

Pre-Licensing Education (Spanish) $149

The Spanish course satisfies the same requirements as the course in English. The course was translated by native Spanish speakers to ensure the highest quality content for Spanish-speaking dealers.

License Renewal Education $99

The license renewal course has been approved by TxDMV to satisfy all training requirements for renewal applicants licensed less than 10 years on September 1, 2019. This course is a one-time requirement

Criminal History Offense and Action on License Notice

If you have a criminal history and are concerned about your eligibility for a license, you MAY request a criminal history evaluation before applying for a new dealer’s license. This can be done by setting up a user account through the TxDMV website and requesting a criminal history evaluation in the eLICENSING portal. (Note: This step is NOT a requirement but it might be helpful IF you have a criminal history).

By entering this site, you verify you’ve been notified of your rights outlined in the Texas Occupations Code Chapter 53, Subchapter D, as well as the current criminal history guidelines found in the Texas Administrative Code §211.3.

Aviso Sobre Historial De Antecedetes Penales Y Acción Sobre La Licencia

Si usted tiene antecedentes penales y se preocupa por su elegibilidad para una licencia, usted PUEDE solicitar una evaluación de antecedentes penales antes de solicitar una nueva licencia de dealer. Esto se puede hacer configurando una cuenta de usuario a través del sitio web de TxDMV y solicitando una evaluación de antecedentes penales en el portal eLICENSING. (Nota: Este paso NO es un requisito, pero podría ser útil SI tiene antecedentes penales). 

Al ingresar a este sitio, usted está confirmando que se le han notificado sus derechos descritos en el Capítulo 53, Subcapitulo D del Código de Ocupaciones de Texas, así como las pautas de antecedentes penales actuales que se encuentran en el Código Administrativo de Texas §211.3.

One-Time Requirement

The License Renewal Education course is a ONE-TIME REQUIREMENT. If you have already taken the course and the ownership and management structure of the dealership remain the same you DO NOT need to take the course again in your next renewal. Simply upload the certificate you already obtained when prompted. If you need a copy of your certificate and you can’t access your account because it’s been deactivated, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a copy of the certificate. TxDMV will ask for the certificate during each renewal so make sure you save it in a safe place.