Dealer License Course Videos

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Watch our sample course videos that are helpful if you are interested in previewing the course or to use as reference to keep up with your Texas dealer license requirements.


Texas Automobile Dealer Application

If you’re interested in becoming a Texas car dealer, Texas Dealer Education provides all the training and resources you will need to obtain your license. We have educated thousands of entrepreneurs from all over Texas to achieve their dream of becoming automobile dealers. Our dealer training course was the first approved by TxDMV, and is the only course endorsed by TIADA and reviewed by the Tax Assessor-Collector Association of Texas. We teach you everything you need to know about the eLICENSING application process and make it easy for you to understand the required procedures along the way to becoming a successful Texas automobile dealer.

Forming Your Dealership Business

An important thing to consider when starting a dealership is the formation of your business and the type of business you want to organize. You see here a list of various business types. You may want to consider looking at a business type that helps protect your personal assets even if it’s a little more expensive to set up and maintain. Something along the lines of a limited liability company, or corporation.

Your Dealership Business Model

The term ‘business model’ incorporates many different things such as how you intend to pay for your inventory, fund your operations, etc. Regardless of your business model, you’re going to be subject to the premises requirements of the state. No matter what business model you decide on, there are three basic considerations you want to think about before you get started.

Dealership Premises Requirements

Keep in mind that you may not sell – or offer to sell – vehicles from anywhere other than your licensed location. That is known as “curbstoning” (selling vehicles with no license at all is also referred to as curbstoning, by the way).

Special Inventory Tax

We discuss in the pre-licensing course several records that must be maintained in the deal jacket for a specific length of time. Some agencies even have specific rules about where the records can be stored if you are storing physical documents. The Special Inventory Tax is one such record.

Temporary Tags and Metal Dealer Plates

In order to transport your newly acquired inventory from point A to B, you will need temporary tags or metal dealer plates. But first, you must remove and destroy the old plates and registration stickers from vehicles that you purchase and offer for sale in your inventory.

You must create a “deal jacket” for each sale. This is where you will keep all the important documents related to the sale of the vehicle. This is also the file TxDMV, OCCC and the Comptroller will ask for when they conduct an exam or audit of your dealership so it’s important to make sure these documents are accurate.